Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

The Most Precious Resource

Data Science —
Answering questions with data
Is presumed to be an art,
Or at least a high-tech craft,
Producing exponential value and driving innovation.

Organizations know
Answering questions with data
Needs to be faster,
They design a plan —
A centralized data lake with dashboards!
But it takes too long to build.
It goes over budget.
Centralized data doesn’t scale
And dashboards aren’t specific enough to be useful.

To this day,
Eighty percent of questions are answered the slow way.
It’s a human-scale process —
Emails, meetings, queries, modeling & analysis —
Waiting, waiting for weeks
For the bottleneck
Artisan data specialists handcrafting answers.

Organizations need
Precise answers to all types of questions —
“Good” questions and “Bad” questions —
New questions emerge,
New questions emerge,
Immediately with answers from prior questions.
New data and questions emerge
Old software can’t answer.

Not data,
Is the most precious resource.

Full-stack programmer, computational biologist, and pick-up soccer addict, located in Brussels and San Francisco.